SkiLink is the proposed gondola that would connect Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resorts in only 11 minutes and significantly enhance the amazing skiing and snowboarding experience the resorts offer. The gondola would be the first of its kind in the United States and give Utah a competitive advantage.

In November, four members of Utah's Congressional delegation introduced the Wasatch Range Recreation Access Enhancement Act, as our proposal is formally known. The legislation is necessary for SkiLink to even be considered by local jurisdictions. This is just the first step on a path of public approvals, studies, and local jurisdictional review necessary in order for SkiLink to become a reality. Concurrently, we are looking forward to working hand-in-hand with Salt Lake County, Summit County and Salt Lake City to ensure open and public local review.

A third-party study shows that the economic benefits and impact from SkiLink will extend far beyond the slopes. Tourism, including winter sports, is already a backbone of Utah's economy - and SkiLink will inject another $51 million into the local economy upon opening with a ripple effect that will create 500 new jobs.

As custodians of thousands of acres of Wasatch Back mountainside in and around Canyons, environmental protection is of paramount importance to us. SkiLink's design and construction will be environmentally sensitive. The proposed location has not been identified by the Forest Service as proposed wilderness or requiring special federal protection. Independent analysis shows SkiLink won't impact Salt Lake's watershed. With no intermediate stops, SkiLink will not increase access to the Wasatch back country.

SkiLink would be a unique and simple approach to transport outdoor enthusiasts between Canyons and Solitude - and would be far more enjoyable and interesting than driving. Locals and tourists would be able to enjoy a 6,000-acre ski network, a first in the United States.

Mike Goar
Managing Director


SkiLink Feasibility
Studies (Adobe PDF)

SkiLink and the Big Cottonwood Canyon Watershed white paper (Adobe PDF)


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SkiLink is a gondola that connects Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resort, easing access by connecting Summit County to Big Cottonwood Canyon in a simple and direct manner.

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